Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pastries


Prices and Options

Please feel free to contact us if one of our options does not fit your specific needs.

We would be happy to work with you to customize an order.

1st Birthday Package


Cakes & Cookies

Birthday Cake

Smash Cake

+ Your Choice

8" Cake or 6"+4" Cake
6" Smash Cake

Your Choice Of One:

1 Dozen Small Sugar Cookies

2 Dozen Chocolate  Pretzels

1 Dozen Cake Pops

2 Dozen Dipped Krispie Treats

Simple Theme Decorations, Colors, and Flavors of your Choice

Add Fondant cut outs

$2 - $5 each

Add 3D Fondant Toppers

$15+ each


Simple Cake


Per Serving

6" for $30+

8" for $50+

10" for $75+

Color Choices & Theme

Buttercream Frosting




Sprinkles, Buttercream Decorations

1 Fondant Cut Out


Large Flower

Can be made into 2 tier cake

Additional cut outs

$2 - $5 each


3D Cakes


Per Serving

Carved Cake

Big Bold Decorations

Cake Shaped Characters

Large Characters
Purses & Shoes
Elaborately Decorated

Tiered Cakes

Carved Characters

on top of

Simple Cakes

Scene Cakes

Hand Painted

and Molded



Sugar Cookies


Per Dozen

Decorated Sugar Cookies

Simple & Elaborate

Cookie Pops

Decorated Cookies

(1 or 2 Designs)

$35 / Dozen

Individually Wrapped

$40 / Dozen

Decorated Sugar Cookies

(3 or 4 Designs)

$40 / Dozen

Individually Wrapped

$45 / Dozen

Wrapped Cookie Pops

$5+ / Each



Sports Teams

Bachelorette Parties

Hand Painted Options


Carved Cakes add an extra special WOW! Factor to any occasion!

Add Sugar cookies to any cake and give your guests something yummy to take home!

Wrapped Cookies and Cookie Pops make wonderful and delicious school treats and gifts!

Customize your cake to fit your theme and budget!

The wonderful thing about being able to customize your order, is you that you get exactly what you want! Nothing at The Bug & The Bear is "cookie cutter" or "point and pick"

If you want 1 character or 7 each cake can be made to fit exactly what you want and need.

Everything is always made with the highest quality of ingredients and made with a lot of love!